What Every Parent Ought to Know About Talking with Their Teenager

With this training, Dr. Kevin Leman shows you

surprising ways to quickly improve
conversation, relationship and enjoyment with your teens

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The #1 Parent/Teen Conversation Killer!

Do you know the #1 thing that parents do that pushes their teenager away? Listen to Dr. Leman explain what it is, and why it is so destructive.  Then gain the confidence to correct it.

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This Training is Designed For EVERY Parent! 

Wouldn't it be great to have your teenager crawl into your lap again and simply chat about life? (Well, maybe not the lap part.) Every parent can have those great conversations again! Dr. Leman shares what you need to know, and how to make this a reality in your home.

What Others are Saying about Dr. Leman's Training

My husband and I listened to the podcast about bedtime - our 3 year old was OUT OF CONTROL getting out of bed at night - sometimes up until 11pm. We were all miserable. Tried the "hold the doorknob" technique... Tonight, we tucked him in, he closed his eyes and was asleep within 5 minutes. Seriously has changed our life. Thank you for all you are doing!! 

-Pr B

Dr. Leman’s parenting advice has been a home saver for my wife and I!! Learning how to respond (not react) to the child’s actions (not the child) in a calm and understanding way, has led to unparalleled changes in our children!! Thank you for the godly practical input you provide to us all!!! 


When our 10 year son started misbehaving at school, we decided that we have been too lax in our discipline at home and brought down the hammer. His behavior actually got much worse! When we finally connected those dots, I went searching for answers and stumbled across this podcast. We implemented B doesn’t happen until A is complete, and saw changes right away. Thank you so much Dr. Leman. More please!

-Kidd Joey

I have four children all close in age and it’s very hard to try and be a good parent to each of them. Listening to this has really helped me understand their individual roles in our busy and loud family and given me tools to be a better mom.

-Hadley Bay

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Along with this course, you have a 30-day money back guarantee. If you feel that this course was not helpful to you, contact us for a full refund.

Bonus #1: Live Q&A with Dr. Leman for Your Questions

Yep, you read that correctly. After you go through the training, you might want additional encouragement or have a question about your situation. We will hold a live Q&A time with Dr. Leman to answer your questions.

July 23rd 8:30 pm Eastern/ 5:30 pm Pacific Time

Bonus #2: Your Role as a Parent training

You'll receive Dr. Leman's training on your role as a parent. Learn what your kids are hoping for from you. Learn the difference between the 3 types of parenting models, and which one is the healthiest way to parent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should my teenager listen to this?

No, not at first. The training is designed for the parent. We recommend only parents listen to the training first. If you want to discuss the concepts and ideas with your teens after the training, it would be beneficial.


  • What type of parents will benefit from the training?

All parents! Parents that are struggling in multiple areas with their teenager will benefit mightily from the improved communication. Parents that are doing well will be able to take communication to a higher level.


  • Are the audio and video different?

No, we recorded the training in such a way that you get the same material either way and you benefit equally from the audio as well as the video.

  • How do I get a refund?

Email us, send an email to the address on your receipt to get your refund within 30 days of the purchase.

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