Great Parenting from the Get-Go with Dr. Leman's Proven Game-Plan


As you carried your 19 ½ incher out the hospital doors and buckled him into the car seat, there were two emotions running through your head: "Wow! He is amazing," and secondly, "OH NO! What do I do now?"

If you want to have a rich relationship with your child, you need a game-plan. A proven game-plan. A tested, proven, game-plan.

New York Times best-selling author, with 30 years of private family practice, Dr. Kevin Leman, shares his time-tested and proven game-plan to help you gain the keys to raising great kids.

Do you worry about the best way to raise your child?


Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the opinions about the right way to parent? Is the parenting tide pushing you to follow what they do? Still, when you look around, you see stressed out parents and broken relationships with teenagers. You're wondering if it can be different for you.

Yes, it can be different for you!

In fact, my recommendation is: Be Different, so you can get Different Results.

In a BLINK of an EYE, the cement dries and your job gets a lot harder.


Here is sobering fact: by age 7, your child’s personality is set. You heard that correctly- age 7!

We intend to be ready as a new parent. Yet, life comes at us so quickly that before we know it, the kids are walking, then talking, then feeding themselves, potty trained and off to kindergarten. At this point we feel like we are just getting our feet under ourselves.

Yes, it can be different for you!

With this proven game plan that has been tested by thousands and thousands of families, you will have a new confidence to respond in a healthy way to your child.

Good News! You can Lay the Right Path to Raise your Kids.

It is daunting to parent differently from the masses without someone showing you a different path. 

As parents, we want to train up our child to thrive as adults, while we maintain a great relationship with them.

In my 30 plus years of counseling families, I saw many parents that went too far to the left or the right. On one side, is, "Keep the kid Happy, Happy, Happy, all the time." The other side is, "I am the big boss and you do what I tell you to do, or else you walk the plank." Both lead to rebellion.

I can tell you that there is only one way to train up a child that doesn’t lead to rebellion.

Let me help set you on the right path toward raising a responsible adult, while keeping a great relationship with your kids.

Why am I 100% Confident I can help you?

My name is Dr. Kevin Leman, and if you are a parent who wants to raise responsible adults that have gratitude for others, and a rich relationship with you, I can help you.

As the former Good Morning American Family Counselor, New York Times Best-Selling author, and author of 49 books, with over 30 years of private family counseling practice, and with appearances on Fox, CNN, Oprah and more, my advice has helped millions. Two of my books alone have sold over 1,000,000 each! I speak to audiences all over the US and Canada ranging from 10 to 10,000.

Yet, my greatest accomplishment occurred inside my own home.

I am proud to say that every summer my 5 grown kids and their families join us for multiple weeks at our summer home.

Daily my kids text or call me.

Recently, all 4 kids flew to our place to celebrate their sister’s birthday. Why? Because it was a good excuse to see each other.

I am often asked, “How did you do it?” and “Is it possible for me?”

Well, for one thing, great parenting doesn’t just happen without a proven game-plan and effort by the parents. It is too easy to fall prey to being the Happy, Happy, Happy Parent, or the Walk-The-Plank Parent. You need a framework for the future.

Let me ask you this: Would you be willing to invest a few hours over a week to set yourself up for a lifetime of great parenting?

The time it takes to go through this game-plan is easily the most profitable and rewarding investment you will make in your parenting.

This is the exact game plan I used with my family, as well as thousands of other families. It brought families from the brink of destruction, to laughter and love together.

People ask me all the time, “How is this game-plan so different from other parenting plans?” I’ll explain more about that in a minute. When you look at the way most people parent their kids, it’s easy to see that it doesn’t just happen.

But knowing the difference can be daunting.

Afraid to Parent Differently?

What is the norm now? What are today's results?

Are you afraid of Parenting Differently?

The Statistics say the Current Model isn't Working... 

  • 3,506 teenagers ran away today
  • 1,439 teenagers will attempt suicide in the next twenty-four hours
  • Suicide is the third leading cause of death for 15 to 24 year olds, and the sixth leading cause of death for 5 to 14 year olds – (That’s right, children as young as 5 years old!)
  • Every 4 minutes a youth is arrested for an alcohol related crime
  • 15,006 will use drugs for the 1st time in the next twenty four hours
  • A study by Children Now and Kaiser Permanente found 40% of teen women know someone who was in an abusive relationship.
  • While the crime rate for adults has decreased in recent years, the juvenile crime rate has grown alarmingly. The homicide rate among 18 to 24 years old increased 65%, and the rate for 14 to 17 year-olds increased 165%.


Now is the time to do something differently!

In countless hours of counseling families, I’ve discovered that most parents have never been taught there is a healthy way to parent.

We believe we should intuitively know how to parent. Or we swear to never act like our parents. Yet, the reality is that without a known game-plan, you will parent exactly like your parents, or the people around you. Humans simply are not strong enough to fight the twin tides of family history and cultural forces.

Study after study consistently show that authoritative parenting works. Yet, authoritative is a big word and understanding how to get there can seem daunting.

Fortunately for you, I love teaching families how to be authoritative parents in a way they can understand and apply.

Before we talk about the game-plan itself, know this: This isn't some kind of magic tool, and I certainly didn't  have superhuman abilities.

These are simple and practical concepts, and they work!

Although I have spent years refining how to help parents with this game plan, it will only take you a few hours to reap the tremendous benefits.

It is called: Great Parenting From the Get-Go with Dr. Leman's Proven Game-Plan

Discover My Proven Game Plan for Becoming Great Parents

As the title indicates, the content of this training is designed to give you proven action steps.


This online training guides you through my proven parenting philosophy and action steps. I’ll help you set the right priorities, the right foundation and most importantly the right relationships.

Each section, you’ll be provided a short training and a series of practical exercises that help you apply it and walk away with a game plan for implementation.

The Most Effective Way to Start and Launch Your Parenting

If you are serious about getting from where you are to where you want to be with the right plan, I built this course with you in mind.

After going through this training, you’ll know what to avoid as a parent, what are common pitfalls, what will propel you forward and what are the most important action steps to take, so that you can parent like few people and experience the joy of enjoying your kids and your role as a parent.

By the end of this training, it will be crystal clear what is good parenting and what is bad parenting. You’ll know what you can do to train up your child for success. You’ll have a plan of action on a broad scale and on specific issues like potty training, feeding and more.

This Training Works. Here are personal success stories from people who’ve used my trainings.

I was the critical eye Mom to my now 16 y/old when she was in elementary and middle school.  I heard Dr. Lehman on Focus on the Family.  Hit me between the eyes and heart!  I read all relevant books I could find by him.  Our relationship over the last few years has improved 100%.

Deb B, Life Church

I have listened to the first 3 audios, and I’m listening to them again as recommended before I set down my family down at this week’s Sunday dinner to implement the plan! I’m so excited! Of all the things I’ve tried, everything has only lasted a few months them that’s it. Most of those were reward-based and my kids stopped participating if they didn’t feel like earning the reward. This is a new approach for me, an only child who came from authoritarian parents, and I have 2 sons who I want to train up to become great young men and husbands. Thank you, Dr. Leman, for providing this!

Michelle B

I am glad to share because our family relationships on the good ship family were headed straight for an iceberg. I was steering us straight for it with my selfishness and flip flopping between a laissez-afire parenting style and an authoritarian "my way or the highway" way of thinking and we were all suffering. I have begun to keep out of squabbles and the kids are actually dealing with their own conflicts. I have begun to put the monkey on my kids' backs as far as responsibility and it IS making a great difference with my dawdler. I am more cognizant of the words I use with my family members and I am really beginning to ENJOY my children as I have never before. I praise God for hearing my heart cry so many months ago when I was at my wits end stressing over things the kids shoulda been stressing over, feeling like I was on the verge of a breakdown because our family was so disjointed and I saw no way out. In His tender mercy, he used you guys and Dr. Leman to help me take baby steps to right our good ship family. I can say honestly that though we haven't arrived, we know the direction we are heading and it is good!

Jenni D

Thank you so much! I've already put into practice and am seeing wonderful and fruitful results. God Bless.

Jean K

Here is Some of What You Will Learn

  • 1

    The key ingredient to end parenting by guilt and start parenting with your plan

  • 2

    The way to quickly identify why you keep getting stuck

  • 3

    This proven game plan lays a foundation to build all your parenting upon

  • 4

    The way to quickly identify why you keep getting stuck

  • 5

    The absolute most important priority for your kids' sake

  • 6

    What is appropriate discipline for kids under 3 years of age

  • 7

    Steps to shed your past experience as a kid, to change your future as a parent

  • 8

    Practical action steps for difficult moments

  • 9

    How following the herd will lead you off the cliff

  • 10

    Freedom to be you, and how to let your kids be them (Hint: It starts with "Fa")

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The Time to Prepare Yourself is NOW!

Ask yourself this: What kind of relationship do I want with my kids 6 months, 2 years, 10 years, and 25 years from now? How can I raise my kids to be healthy, responsible and caring adults?

You have the opportunity right now--TODAY--to take the single most important step towards achieving those. Now is the time to build your parenting foundation.

By going through this course, you can have the relief and clear plan of action to be the parent you want to be. Imagine how that would feel.

-Imagine having the confidence to know how to deal with a defiant child

-Imagine being able to stop the #1 thing that causes rebellion in your kids

-Imagine no longer worrying that you are harming your child

-Imagine knowing you are building a better relationship with your child for the short term and especially for the long term

-Imagine setting both yourself and your kids free

-Imagine being able to stay calm in the sea of parenting chaos

All of this is within your reach! You just have to take the first step and get on board.

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Q1) Will this work with my teenage child? +

Yes, it will help you with your teenager, as the principles apply at any age. Parts of the course, like feeding and potty training will hopefully not be as applicable.

Q2) Will it work with my elementary children? +

Yes, the sooner you start applying this game plan the few problems and battles you will have as they enter Junior High and High School. Every year you wait the issues will only grow larger.

Q3) Will I receive anything in the mail? +

No, the material is 100% electronic, so you can get it now. Look for an email with more information about how the training will come.

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Bonus #1: Teachable Moments #1- B Doesn't Happen Until A is Complete

Dr. Leman shares who to give your kid a teachable moment using his B Doesn't Happen Until A system.

Bonus #2: Teachable Moments #2- Mom is displeased

Dr. Leman shares one of the best tools a mother has in her toolbox.

Bonus #3: Will My Kids Love Me, if I Discipline Them?

Mothers worry that if they discipline their kids, their child won't love them. Dr. Leman shares why that simply isn't true.

Bonus #4: Spanking-Yes or No?

Get Dr. Leman's teaching about spanking and if it should be used at all.

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