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Yes, you can unlock the keys to feeling understood, cared for, and loved.

You want one conversation where he doesn't tell you how to fix your problem.

You wonder if you will get any affection that doesn't come with the expectation of the bedroom.

You'd like just a little help in the kitchen, maybe some dishes washed. Not much.

Hi, I'm Dr. Kevin Leman, New York Times best-selling author with 30 years of private family practice, and I love to share my time-tested and proven action-plan to help you gain the keys to feeling understood, cared for and loved.

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Are you frustrated in your relationship to your man?

Are you feeling frustrated that he doesn't listen to you? Do you want to experience his undivided affection and attention? Do you wonder, "Is it even possible for it to be different for us?"

Yes, it can be different for you!

In fact, my recommendation is: Act Differently, so you can get Different Results.

If you want your man to listen, love, or lend a hand, you need to learn what goes through his brain.

Because it is very different from yours.

Maybe the glow of your early years has faded and your relationship has gotten a lot harder...

Here is a sobering fact: Only 40% of married women are very happy in their marriage!

We intend to be stay in love throughout our relationship, but life comes at us so quickly that before we know it, the relationship is stalled, dates are nonexistent, sex is a chore, and we feel unappreciated. At this point, we feel like we are just in survival mode, while we hold on for the kids' sake or because we can't afford to break up.

Here's hope... it can be different for you!

With this proven action plan--one that has been tested by thousands and thousands of women--you will have new confidence to engage your husband in a healthy way.

Good News! You can find the Right Path for a Close Relationship.

It is daunting to act differently from the masses without someone showing you a different path. 

As a woman, you want to be loved, while you give your best to your relationship. In my 30 plus years of counseling couples, I saw many women that went too far to the left or the right. On one side is, "Be the doormat and let him walk all over me." And on the other side is, "Master Sargeant and I will get my way no matter what." Both lead to a cold and dying relationship. There is a  healthy way to be in a relationship.

Can I help you get on the right path toward being a loving partner, while making sure your needs get met as well?

Why am I 100% confident I can help you?

My name is Dr. Kevin Leman, and if you are a woman who wants to engage her man so that he can listen, love and care for you, I can help you.

As the former Good Morning American Family Counselor, and New York Times Best-Selling author of  49 books, with over 30 years of private family counseling practice, and with appearances on Fox, CNN, Oprah and more, my advice has helped millions. Two of my books alone have sold over 1,000,000 copies each. I speak to audiences ranging from 10 to 10,000 all over the US and Canada.

It is no surprise that I get incredible joy when I help one woman fall more deeply in love with her man.

The phone calls and emails with the message, "Dr. Leman, you have saved my marriage," or "Dr. Leman, my husband swept me into his arms last night. Thank you for your help!" are the fuel that keeps me going.

I am often asked, “Is it possible for me?”

Well, for one thing, great relationships don’t just happen without a proven plan and effort by the couple. It is too easy to fall prey to being the Doormat or the Master Sargent in Charge. You need a framework for the future.

Let me ask you this: Would you be willing to invest a few hours to set yourself up for a lifetime of a loving and healthy relationship?

The time it takes to go through this action plan is easily one of the most helpful and wise investments you will make in your relationship.

This is the exact plan I used with thousands of women in my counseling office. It brought couples from the brink of destruction, to living in a close and thriving relationship.

How is your marriage different from the norm?

Now is the time to do something differently!

Somehow, many believe we should intuitively know how to manage relationships. Or we swear to never act like our parents did. Yet, the reality is that without a proven action plan, you will treat your man exactly like your mom treated your dad.

Study after study consistently show that women and men are different. Yet, the  differences are confusing, and understanding how those difference affect us can seem impossible.

Fortunately for you, I love teaching women about their man in a way they can understand so that they will be able to apply the lessons and put them to work.

But these lessons aren't magical.  You'll need to know this: It certainly will take intentional effort on your part.

It is called: Mission Possible: Your Man Listening, Loving, and Lending a Hand

This is For You If...

  • You want to communicate better with your man
  • You feel the closeness in your marriage has faded
  • You are thinking, "I need HOPE that our relationship doesn't have to end"

If you are one of those women who is ready to make some key changes in your marriage, I put this together for you. 

Having gone through this training, you’ll know what to avoid, recognize some common pitfalls in communication, and understand the most important action-steps you can take, so that you can love and live like few couples.

You’ll know how you can love your man in his language. You’ll have a broad plan of action as well as keys to specific issues like how to share your feelings, how to get help around the house, why is sex a big issue, and more.

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The Training is 100% Online for Immediate Access.

(Audio Training, Video Training, Written Transcripts, Workbook and more)

Here are the 10 parts to the training

Session 1-Hearing "I Love You"

Session 2-Getting Help at Home

Session 3-Just Listen Please

Session 4-Affection & Sex

Session 5-Roommates or Soulmates

Session 6-Leading

Session 7-Who Goes First

Session 8-Final Thoughts

Session 8-Bonus Section

Incredible Role Playing

Here is Some of What You Can Expect to Gain:

  • 1

    A foundation on which to build your relationship.

  • 2

    Understanding of how to fill his love tank.

  • 3

    Why men shut down when women talk too much.

  • 4

    Some sample phrases to use in difficult conversations.

  • 5

    Practical action steps for difficult moments.

  • 6

    Appropriate expectations.

  • 7

    Steps to move from your past experience to change your future as a couple.

  • 8

    The absolute most important action for your relationship's sake.

What's the Price?

Investing in your relationship is the most lasting investment you can make. Why? Because a loving, caring relationship provides lots of dividends like less stress, more joy, fewer fights, stability, more love and the unrivaled feeling of intimacy.

The entire package is available for only $20

That's easily less than dinner OR a movie out. . .

Claim your copy of
Mission Possible: Your Man
Listening, Loving & Lending a Hand

Price: $20

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There's Absolutely No Risk

You have my full, 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

Mission Possible: Your Man Listening, Living and Lending a Hand comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you purchase this course today and don’t agree that it is worth every penny I said it was, just send me an email at I will promptly refund your money. No questions asked. No hassle.

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What is in the Training?

  • Real Life Examples & Responses

    You’ll benefit from hearing role playing of common situations.  You can even use my exact words in a difficult situation.

  • Change Your Future Worksheets

    Worksheets are available to help you think through and write out the changes you want to implement in your personal action plan.

  • Multiple Ways to Learn

    You can listen to the AUDIO on the go; read the TRANSCRIPT as you study; or WATCH the videos with audio and transcripts combined.

The Time to Prepare Yourself is NOW!

Ask yourself this: What kind of relationship do I want with my man 6 months, 2 years, 10 years, and 25 years from now?

You have the opportunity right now--TODAY--to take the single most important step to change your future for the better. Now is the time to equip yourself.

By going through this course, you gain the knowledge and confidence to be the wife you want to be. Imagine how that would feel.

-Imagine having the confidence to know how to communicate with a difficult man.

-Imagine being able to stop the #1 thing that causes your man to shut down.

-Imagine no longer worrying that you are harming your relationship.

-Imagine knowing you are building a better relationship for the long term.

-Imagine setting both yourself and your man free.

-Imagine being able to stay calm in the sea of relationship conflict.

Here is hope.  Within reach.

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Got Questions?

These Frequently Asked Questions Can Help.

Q1) Will this work if we aren't married? +

Yes, it will help you understand the difference between men and women and what you can do about it. It is designed for people in a committed relationship.

Q2) Will it work if we are really struggling to talk? +

Yes, this training is designed to teach you why you struggle to communicate, and to grow your communication.

Q3) Will I receive anything in the mail? +

No, the material is 100% electronic, so you can get it now. You will receive an email with instructions.

Q4) What happens after I make my purchase? +

After you submit your order, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your purchase with download instructions.

Q5) What if this product doesn't meet my needs? +

No problem. I offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee. If you buy today and don’t agree that it’s worth every penny I said it was, I will promptly refund your money. No questions asked. No hassle. You have my word on it. Just send me an email and we will promptly refund your money if it’s within 30 days of your purchase date.

Q6) Are my credit/debit card details secure? +

Yes. All payments are processed through our payment processor and are 100% secure.

Q7) What if I have a question or need support? +

We are here to help you and will stay with you to solve your issues. Simply send an email to my team.

Make today the day you see your life begin to change!

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