3 Easy Steps to No More Homework Tears

If you are a mother in need of fresh ideas and proven strategies to end the nightmare of homework hassles, this training is for you!

Do you wonder how to motivate your child to do his homework?
Do you wonder how to spark a desire to succeed in school?

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From: Dr. Kevin Leman

Hello. You may know me as a NY Times Best Selling author. Or you may have heard me as a guest on Fox and Friends or CNN.

I had you in mind when I developed this training.

With Three Easy Steps to No More Homework Tears, you will discover the exact strategies I used to handle the homework nightmare with my own kids.

All five of my kids were accepted into the university of their choice. Two of my kids went on to get a master’s degree. Now, all five have successful careers.

Here is the crazy part.

This all happened without me pushing them to finish homework. I didn’t constantly check on their progress or beg them to do their work.

Homework was always my kids' responsibility.

Now, you can have the EXACT system I used with our family and 1,000s of other families.

 (Dr. Kevin Leman shares why this training is important)

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Your kids will become responsible for THEIR homework. They will take ownership for THEIR grades. And your relationship with your kids will improve during the process.

I have done one-on-one counseling with thousands of families just like yours and I can tell you this, if you don’t use a different plan, you are going to repeat the same homework hassle over and over again.

Or, you can get this proven game plan and watch your relationship with your kids improve as their grades improve.

Understand this, not every kid’s grades will improve from Ds and Fs to As and Bs. What will change is your relationship with your kid. Your kids attitude towards homework will also improve as they become motivated to take responsibility of their homework, tests, and grades.

You may be thinking, “Dr. Leman you don’t understand, if I don’t keep pushing them, their grades will fall off a cliff and then they will be a failure in life.”

Let me tell you, there are far more important life skills your child needs to learn that are not measured by grades. Focus on these lessons and the school work will fall into place.

If you could talk to my kids you would hear how they are motivated to succeed as adults. A lesson they learned in school by taking responsibility for their homework.

Are you ready to end the nightmare of homework hassles? Are you tired of the drama? Then now is the time for you to join me for this unique training.

Here are some of the things I share with you...

  • How most parents are doing the worst thing possible to motivate their kids to finish their homework...
  • The knee jerk reaction that creates stress and worry about your son or daughter's poor grades...
  • How to decide when to push, and when to walk away for the sake of your relationship...
  • You care so much for your kid that you yearn to help them, yet it might actually be harming them

Here is Proof that This Works...

First I want to say thank you for the wonderful podcasts. The other day my 13 year old daughter said to me, "I don't know what strategy you are implementing, what you are reading or who you are listening to but I don't like it, even though I know it is working."  All I could do was laugh.

Mom with teenager
Podcast listener

Dr. Leman,
Last week, our 28 month old started climbing out of her crib, so we
naturally converted the crib to a toddler bed.  You already know what I'm
going to tell you next.  She wouldn't stay in bed.  I slept on the floor
next to her until she fell asleep for the first two nights, but knowing I
couldn't do it forever, I found your awesome podcast in my search for
answers.  So, Monday night I tried your patented "hold the door" technique.
TWO HOURS LATER she finally relented.  I WON!  The next day, I had to hold
for about 10 minutes at naptime.  Then that night, I put her to bed, left
the room, she screamed, tested the door (still won't open) and went to bed.
30 seconds.  Same drill last night.  THANK YOU.  You rock my socks off.

Happy Sleeper
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3 Easy Steps
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What You Get in the Training

(This is the EXACT same system Dr. Leman used.)

Step 1: Whose Homework is it Anyways?

Learn how being over involved is actually demotivating your child. Topics covered include: how expecting all A's can hurt your relationship; how learning to fail in your home may be the best gift you give them; how backing off will allow your child to excel; how to use schoolwork to prepare them for the work world; how you changing your words can actually give them life skills.

Step 2: Setting Your Child Up for Success

There are some settings that will help your child succeed in their homework. These include things like: making sure they have 'their' spot for school work; a place free of distractions; hard deadlines for homework completion; setting right priorities--and homework isn't the top one; teach them good work habits now, and more.

Step 3: Action Steps for a Struggling Student

How to come alongside the teacher so they become your partner and ally. Why alerting the teachers to missed assignments is your secret tool. Why letting your child fail will prepare them. A radical tutor suggestion that makes sense after it is explained, and other techniques to help your struggling student.

Multiple Ways to Utilize

  • Written Training

    You get the training in written form to read at your leisure.

  • Video Training

    You get the audio and the text combined into a video.

  • Audio Training

    Download an MP3 file to listen while you cook, drive, walk, or whatever.

  • Real Parents, Real Questions

    Parents have their specific struggles answered, like what to do with a child that has a learning disability, ADHD, and more.

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Dr. Kevin Leman

  • NY Times Best Seller (Multiple times)
  • Author of 49 books
  • International Parenting Authority
  • Former Family Counselor for Good Morning America Show
  • Father of 5 Great Kids


Super Easy to Utilize

If you can receive emails, you can use this!

This training is delivered the easiest way possible. It comes in an email with links. You simply click on the link and the files get downloaded to your computer.

It is like receiving an email from your dear friend. It really is that easy.

Claim your copy of
3 Easy Steps
to No More Homework Tears

Yes, I want to stop the Homework Tears!

Retail Price: $47
Now: $19.99

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Here's Why You Should Give It A Try

I want to make sure you are satisfied. When you get 3 Easy Steps to No More Homework Tears, you get 30 days to go through everything. If you don't think you've gotten the help you wanted, simply email for your money back.

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Q1) Will this work with my teenage child? +

Yes, it works with teenagers, even if there have been many years of fighting and yelling over homework.

Q2) Will it work with my elementary children? +

Yes, it will work with elementary children. In fact, the sooner you start the system, the better it will be for everyone.

Q3) Does this work with children that are failing already? +

The training just might save your relationship and change the course of your failing student. Will it guarantee that they move from failing grades to A's? No. It will give you a game plan for how to change the dynamics so they have a chance for better grades.

Q4) What about a child with learning disabilities or ADHD? +

In the Bonus section, Dr. Leman answers parents' questions about unique struggles like: ADHD, learning disabilities, low motivation, homeschooling, etc.

Q5) What if I am a single parent? Will it work? +

Yes, in fact this training will free the burdened single parent from the guilt of not doing enough to help their kids with their homework.

Q6) Will this work if we have two working parents? +

Yes! The beauty of this plan is that more responsibility falls to the kids, and off of the parents.

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What's the catch?

Here is the good news: You, the parent, are the one that will have a change of mind-set so your child will gain motivation for their own school work.

This is great news, because you are not powerless or without hope--you may just need the right road map to follow.

We'll also add that listening to step #1 twice will cement the ideas into your heart and mind, so you can apply it.