Great Parenting From the Get-Go


Build a Strong Foundation


You get Dr. Leman’s Proven Game-Plan for parents of babies, toddler or young kids. In fact, this would make a great gift for an expecting parent.

In over 30 years of private practice, writing and speaking around North America, Dr Kevin Leman has helped every type of parent. You can rest assured his advice will help you, because he has helped parents from broken homes, affluence, only kids, multiples and every other imaginable situation.

You get it in Audio, Written, and Video format. You can download the material to consume at your convenience. Many parents put the audio on their phone and listen as they drive to work, work around the house or go on morning walks.

Some of the topics that are covered include:

1. Access your past to change your future.

2. Beware of your current situation.

3. Carefully choose the right goal.

4. Don’t fall victim to the herd mentality.

5. Every member gives back the family.

6. Family is the right priority.

7. Get going now as you have a smaller window than you think.

8. How you talk to your children will determine your relationship.

9. It isn’t enough to hope. You need a game-plan.

10. Joy and Fun are vital.

11. Keep your marriage the 1st priority.

12. Let natural consequences be the teacher.

13. Mom is to be respected and not a doormat.

14. Naps are important, especially for mom.

15. Practical application, like potty training, sleeping, and many others.

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