"You will come to a point where they will do what you asked them to do. . .without yelling, without nagging, without beating yourself up." --Dr. Kevin Leman

Does this sound faintly familiar?





  • You go to bed wondering if you are the maid or the mother
  • You have lost the voice to ask your family for help
  • First you feel angry, then guilty that you are angry
  • Other women can do it all, what's wrong with me?
  • On Saturday, you dread the chore nagging ritual

Have you ever experienced this?   You are NOT alone.   We created 3 Easy Steps to Help at Home with Dr. Leman for OUR FAMILY.


It WORKED better and more easily than we could have dreamed.


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Can't I simply ignore this?

Messy room

Not really.  Here's Why:

  • Resentment for your family can only grow the longer you wait
  • Your kids aren't getting any younger
  • Your schedule and your kids' activities are only getting busier
  • Someday your kids will leave and will need to know how to clean their own home
  • There is no magic fairy that will change things with the wave of a wand

Have you experienced this from lack of Help at Home?

  • Frustration toward your family for not helping you out that turns to annoyance, hurt, resentment, and finally bitterness.
  • Exploding at your family for a minor offense, when in reality you are frustrated about them not helping.
  • Hope that your family would magically say, “Mom, I’ve noticed how you do everything around here. What can we take off your shoulders?”
  • Your insides get twisted up, because you don’t feel freedom to bring up the issue of helping at home.
  • Your family is in the other room playing as you are stranded in the kitchen alone, again.
  • You head to bed and all you see is the mess around the house and you feel guilty that you aren’t a better house keeper.
  • Designed to be EASY to launch
  • Only 3 steps
  • Tested by real families
  • One, and only 1, sheet of paper for the plan

Dr. Kevin Leman is the brains behind 3 Easy Steps to Help at Home:

  • Dr. Kevin Leman
  • New York Times Best Seller
  • Author of 49 books
  • Sold multiple million copies of his books
  • Seen on Oprah, Good Morning America, Fox News and many others
  • International Speaker and Parenting Authority
  • Father of 5 Great Kids
  • He wants to help you enjoy parenting and life

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I tried a peg board system, chore packs, chore books, stickers, and so on. Every single time they failed. Why? There were too complicated and they put too much of the responsibility on me.

Recently, we initiated Dr. Leman's 3 Easy Step plan and I am amazed! We don't have fights about who does what. Each night the house gets picked up. I'm no longer doing the sweeping.

I know it sounds too good to be true, yet the difference is that the responsibility rests on our kids' shoulders.  Since they created their expectations, they are able to keep them up.  I have had to do some training, and have used some teachable moments.  Now I don't feel responsible to make sure all the household chores get done.  I can relax or move onto other important tasks. Honestly, the hardest part is giving up control of my expectations and allowing the kids to learn as they go.

Most of all, I love that my kids have taken ownership of their home.  This is brilliantly simple, Dr. Leman.  Thank you!

Andrea Terpening, mom

I am glad to share because our family relationships on the good ship family were headed straight for an iceberg. I was steering us straight for it with my selfishness and flip flopping between a laissez-faire parenting style and an authoritarian "my way or the highway" way of thinking and we were all suffering. I have begun to put the monkey on my kids' backs as far as responsibility and it IS making a great difference with my dawdler. I am more cognizant of the words I use with my family members and I am really beginning to ENJOY my children as I have never before. I praise God for hearing my heart cry so many months ago when I was at my wits end stressing over things the kids shoulda been stressing over, feeling like I was on the verge of a breakdown because our family was so disjointed and I saw no way out. In His tender mercy, he used you guys and Dr. Leman to help me take baby steps to right our good ship family. I can say honestly that though we haven't arrived, we know the direction we are heading and it is good!

J. Davis, mom

Do you need to be a special parent to be successful?

Yes. You have to want to change things. If you have any motivation, you can do this, because it is so easy. One of the major keys to this plan is that the kids do the heavy lifting, not the parents. The kids get ownership. You will be very surprised just how well your kids step up.

What is the hardest part?

Letting Go.

No joke. Some of you believe you are the only one that can do it well enough. Some of you get a sense of satisfaction as the martyr. Some of you have a wrong belief that Mom is supposed to do all the housework so the others can play. No perfectionism, no martyrs here!  Only empowered kids.

Why would I buy this?

  • You are tired of nagging
  • You feel you are the only one who cares
  • You pick up everyone's stuff
  • You wonder if you are the maid of the house
  • Your kids don't realize that the house gets cleaned
  • You want a simple game-plan
  • Session 1: Setting-up the Help

    • Getting kids to care about helping around the house
    • How to create ownership in the kids
    • Keys to a proper launch
    • Set Positive Expectations
    • Create the plan in 30 minutes
    • The whole plan on one page
    • And more!
  • Session 2: Teachable Moments

    • No more nagging–EVER!
    • 4 proven ways to help kids when they don’t do their part
    • The secret to loving teachable moments
    • The power of encouragement
    • Keys to stay strong
    • Much more
  • Session 3: Equip Your Kids

    Teach your kids at any age

    Evaluating the work

    Letting things slide–when and why

    Adding fun to the work

    Plus more


  • Extra:

    Prepare for the launch

    Feeling better about yourself and your family

    Keys to a relaxed attitude about getting help

    Raising stock with your kids

    Plus More

  • Bonuses:

    More training on teachable moments

    What to expect when you start

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You are at the point of decision

Your point of decision is this: by continuing on your current course of action, things will only get worse. It takes guts to change.  This training will give you a plan.

 "I really was getting resentful toward my family as I did many of the household chores and watched them play.  Somehow, I did not know how to enlist them and stay consistent.  So, I just kept sweeping and rotating laundry.  My point of decision came because I felt resentful.  If you area tired of nagging or caving and doing the chores, this training is for you!"--Andrea Terpening

Make the choice and start your new course of action.

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What is the format?

  • Videos

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  • Audio

    Download the audio on your computer, tablet or mobile device

  • Written Material

    You will get pdfs of the training material to download and print

  • Sample Plan

    A blank sample plan is included.  Customize this to your family. It also includes the teachable moment tools.

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  • Q.How hard is it to listen to or watch?

    A.If you can receive an email and click on the link in the email, then you have all the technology you need. We use a service called Easy Download to make it as simple and user-friendly as possible.

  • Q.How long will it take to set up?

    A.We found that two 30 minute sessions with our kids was all we needed. The kids did their part in an hour, but that was because they decided to make a game of it. They were actually laughing as they found out who wanted to do certain jobs.

  • Q.My husband is not on my team, will it work?

    A.Yes, is the short answer. In fact, it will help you, Mom, gain more respect from your kids. You will finally have the tools to implement a no-nagging and no-yelling system. Would it be easier with his support? Yes.

  • Q.I have tried and failed in the past. Why will this be any different?

    A.The genius of Dr. Leman’s plan is that the ownership is put on the kids. They system is written is such a way that the kids can’t squirm out of it. It is visible and simple, so you can remember. Now, you will have to stop nagging and warning and use the tools provided. Like all of Dr. Leman’s teaching, it requires a parent to change first.

  • Q.Will this game plan clean the windows for me and help me lose 10 pounds?

    A.The game plan isn’t magic. It doesn’t come with a fairy that pops out and does the work. Instead the game plan does get your windows cleaned by the kids.  In fact, you just might lose 10 pounds, because now you have the time to go on that walk or cook differently. The game plan provides you, the parent, with a plan to change the way your family interacts.

  • Q.Who has this worked for?

    A.Dr. Leman, for over 30 years, did private counseling and saw thousands of families. He successfully used this system with single parents; happy parents; many-kid families; one-kid families; middle class families; struggling families; left-leaning families; right-leaning families; tall families; short families; families of penguins; and others. (Well, not the family of penguins.) But you get the point.

  • Q.What is the key to make this work?

    A.Here is the great part: It isn’t dependent upon your kids. You get to choose if this works or not. All it takes is a parent who wants to change. In fact, it will sound similar to much of the teaching you may already have heard from Dr. Leman.

  • Q.Let's be honest. Is it really that simple?

    A.Here is my honest answer-Yes. Doug & Andrea were shocked how simple it was to set-up and get running. Within two weeks, we had the follow-up meeting to tweak the roles and we had the first major challenge from a kid. Now we all agree on a structure and plan. We did add a step for the first 3 weeks of a weekly review. This helped us remember to enforce the new plan.

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