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You have been waiting a long time for Dr. Leman to talk about Birth Order, and it is finally here!

Maybe you don't know why birth order affects your parenting; maybe you are overwhelmed, hoping that understanding birth order will empower you to parent better.

You thought you had parenting figured out with your first child, and then the second child came along, and he was nothing like your first! It seems like your kids are so different from each other. Are these really your kids?

New York Times best-selling author, with 30 years of private family practice, Dr. Kevin Leman, shares his secrets on Birth Order and why you and your kids are the way you are.

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Are you overwhelmed by all the differences in your kids?



Are you struggling with tuning in to each personality in your family? Is there constant competition between siblings? Is one kid left out of the circle? Does it seem like your kids are all different, and they won't respond to the same tactics you used for the others? It is like you are working in the dark? Family chaos.

I can shed some light on that for you!

With Birth Order you will be empowered to relate to all of them.

Like a lock, you need the right KEY to understand your kids!


These keys will empower you to spot their needs!

  • The oldest is the policeman...
  • Next comes the artist who seeks peace...
  • Finally comes the Baby who is always playing and joking...
  • What about the Only child who would rather talk to adults?


Yes, you can unlock their differences!

Thousands and thousands of people, just like you, have found confidence through applying Dr. Leman's famous birth order secrets!  You will have a new confidence to respond in a healthy way to each of your children.

Birth Order Works. The number one question I get asked is about birth order. People are curious, whether it applies to family, friends or your colleagues.

After applying Dr. Leman's secrets, this is how we believe you will feel:

  • "Empowered and thankful that some of my parenting "mystery" has been removed by Dr. Leman."
  • "Empowered that I can give each of my kids what they need."
  • "Enlightened and empowered, as if I know a secret!"
  • "Relieved to get some answers on how to understand the children."
  • "More prepared to guide my kiddos and make good decisions on what is best for them and the entire family."
  • "Like I will be able to tune in to each personality better and help them feel less threatened by each other."
  • "Empowered! Excited to have some more tools in my tool box."
  • "Able to deal with each personality appropriately so they don't feel like they have to compete with each other."
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Why am I 100% Confident I can help you?

My name is Dr. Kevin Leman, and if you are a parent who is looking for a plan to resolve and understand your kids and their future problems, I can help you.

As the former Good Morning American Family Counselor, New York Times Best-Selling author, and author of 49 books, with over 30 years of private family counseling practice, and with appearances on Fox, CNN, Oprah and more, my advice has helped millions. Two of my books alone have sold over 1,000,000 each! I speak to audiences all over the US and Canada ranging from 10 to 10,000.

Yet, my greatest accomplishment occurred inside my own home.

I am proud to say that every summer my 5 grown kids and their families join us for multiple weeks at our summer home.

Daily my kids text or call me.

Recently, all 4 kids flew to our place to celebrate their sister’s birthday. Why? Because it was a good excuse to see each other.

Here is Some of What You Will Gain:

  • 1

    Description of positions in the birth order

  • 2

    How to parent each child uniquely

  • 3

    Why birth order matters to your family

  • 4

    How to deal with each personality appropriately

  • 5

    Ways to be more capable of loving them as they are

  • 6

    How to guide each child in the birth order

  • 7

    Tips for interacting with each one

  • 8

    Confidence in changing your approach

What's Inside?

Sixteen sessions, each approximately 15 minutes long, packed full of insights and practical tips for applying birth order to your parenting. Sessions include:

  • Birth Order overview
  • First Born description and tips
  • Middle child description and tips
  • Youngest child description and tips
  • Only Child description and tips
  • Blended Families
  • Encouraging your kids with Birth Order
  • Showing your kids love through Birth Order
  • Talking to your kids based on Birth Order
  • Parenting Styles based on your Birth Order
  • Why your kids rebel
  • Minimizing competition

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Erase Family Disorder with Birth Order


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Price: $97.00

"As each of our children joined our family, parenting became increasingly more complex and frustrating. One system did not work for all. Each child responded differently to us, discipline, their siblings, and problems. They were not cookie cutter children. When we found out that birth order played a key role in our children's behavior, a 'light came on'. Not only do we understand our kids better, but ourselves as well, making us better parents!"  -Doug and Andrea Terpening

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Got Questions?

These Frequently Asked Questions Can Help.

Q1) Will this work with my teenage child? +

Yes, it will help you with your teenager, as the principles apply at any age.

Q2) Will it work with my elementary children? +

Yes, the sooner you start applying these principles the sooner the mystery of their differences melts away. Every year you wait the issues will only grow larger.

Q3) Will I receive anything in the mail? +

No, the material is 100% electronic, so you can get it now. Look for an email with more information about how the training will come.

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After you submit your order, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your purchase with download instructions.

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No problem. I offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee. If you buy today and don’t agree that it’s worth every penny I said it was, I will promptly refund your money. No questions asked. No hassle. You have my word on it. Just send me an email and we will promptly refund your money if it’s within 30 days of your purchase date.

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